Laura Benanti in Gypsy.

Anonymous: how did you meet laura benanti?


Here’s the full story…

So she had replied to me a couple of times on Twitter, the normal, right? And then one day I post a video on Instagram of her in Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (x) and I connected it to Twitter and since she was tagged on it on Instagram, it tagged her on Twitter too. And then this happened…image


So then she followed me on Twitter so I could send her the links. Since then we basically talked daily. And then on my birthday this happened (completely out of the blue)…


Then that night I was given tickets to her 54 Below show on closing night, I told her and she put me on her VIP list. We continued to talk and then the night of September 21st finally came. I went to 54 Below with my friend Mary and met Ross there.We had seats that were so close to the stage that I ended up having to put my elbow on it while we were eating. So the music starts up, and out comes Laura Benanti. She smiles and winks as soon as she sees me right in front of her. And then when she’s introducing her show (after I’m Old Fashioned/My Time of Day), she walks downstage, bends down and picks up my phone, which had this case at the time…  image She explains it (because she picked this picture out of two that I told her to pick from) to the audience and then she looks at me and says “Yeah, this is his phone, it’s Baylor’s, isn’t he amazing? I mean how many people have me as their phone case?” then there’s this full-on applause and then she says, “I’m glad you’re here Baylor, I really am.” (More applause.) The show goes on, she makes reference to me a couple more times, like when she crosses her legs and says “I hope none of you saw anything, Baylor did you see anything? I’m going to neatly uncross my legs now and I want you to call me out if I show anything again.” And when she introduces her “mash-up” of Starry Eyed/Video Games she said, “This next song is a mash-up like your generation says” and then she points to me and Ross. The show continues and ends, I meet her at the bar afterwards, we talk for a solid 15 minutes, the staff tells us that we’ve gotta clear out for the show that was about to start, so she asks me if I’m going to the Broadway Flea Market the next day, I had intentions of going so I told her maybe, and she told me, “No maybes, you’re going, and we’re gonna finish this conversation tomorrow, I’ll see you then” and then we said goodbyes (and Mary and I went on an adventure of the city at 11 and ended up at Bubba Gump and it started to pour so we had fun running back to the hotel at 2 am). The next day I arrived at Schubert Alley at 10 am and I saw that her panel was later that day, so I messaged her and she responded and told me to meet her at the Marquis stagedoor an hour before her panel, so I waited and we talked for about half an hour and she told me to meet her back at that exact spot whenever her panel was over. So I went and I bought some posters and other Broadway merchandise and I remembered that I had a plane to catch so I messaged her and told her that I couldn’t meet her back there because I had to leave and she responded saying that she was glad because she had to leave ASAP, but then she felt bad because we didn’t get to say goodbye, so she promised me a day out in the city with her next time I’m up there. And I’m still waiting for that day, but we’ve talked ever since. The end. For now. (Pass the story on)

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Medley of Surprises
Laura Benanti


Only years of training and the knowledge that if I do not hydrate myself now I’d have a hangover tomorrow made me crawl off that floor to bring you Laura Benanti’s Medley of Surprises from her concert last night. She brought the house down with this number. 

Laura Benanti teaches a Master Class for young actors 


Sierra Boggess, Idina Menzel and Laura Benanti in one video. Am I dreaming or what?

Anonymous asked: Laura Osnes or Laura Benanti


I’m not saying that I’m an amazing actor but i HAVE won as many Oscars as Leonardo DiCaprio

Prince George’s First Royal Tour


Willa Cather, O Pioneers!



(because i’ve had enough of this asshole)

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The worst thing about musicals is not being able to choose who you want to sing along with.

Do I sing along with Gabe or his dad?

Do I sing Roger or Mark?

Am I a Raoul or a Phantom today?